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900Pay does not require you to submit
your banking or credit card details! -

Available to U.S. and Canadian citizens only. 900Pay is private and anonymous (users do not need to submit their personal details). Users are able to conduct their transactions immediately, without registering or opening accounts. Transactions are billed to your telephone account, making it simple and convenient to pay for online purchases. You may deposit up to $300.00 per month. The service is free (excluding any charges levied by your telephone service provider, and the cost of the call to 900Pay). All Basic 900pay charges will appear on your phone bill as "NAVAHONTWRKS".

Purchasing Casino Credits With 900Pay:

First you have to make sure that your phone is able to call “900” numbers. Some phone service providers have this feature blocked by default. To find out, just call
1-900-993-4141 (This is a toll-free number). If the call goes through, you are not blocked and can go ahead and use 900Pay. If it is blocked, contact your telephone service provider and ask to have the block removed.

You may purchase in amounts of $35.00, $50.00, $75.00, $100.00 and $150.00.
To purchase, select the "900 Pay" option in the banking section of the Online
Casino software, and the amount you would like to purchase.
You will then be linked to the 900Pay website.
Once you have confirmed your transaction, a transaction ID will be generated and displayed with a 900 number.
Call 900Pay to authorize the transaction.
When you do, you will hear a sequence of voice prompts telling you how to
proceed with the transaction.

Once the transaction is approved, the next time you log into your casino account, your funds from 900Pay will have been deposited into your account.
Please check your local laws before gambling online. Gambling online may be illegal in some states.
Participation in the activities and games are open to those who are of legal age within the jurisdiction
of their residency where the Game is not prohibited, taxed or regulated.

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Updated ~ 06-11-2010
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