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FirePay works like a debit card -

You deposit money into your FirePay Personal Account and then use the money to purchase online. FirePay is a web-based account that is totally secure - your account cannot be charged with more than you choose to fund it with. Plus the transfer of money to your gaming account is immediate!
Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and online account activity statements and e-mail confirmation of purchases made are available.

You can sign up at

Once you have a FirePay account, you will receive a 16-digit account number and an expiry date.
Please note that the FirePay account number will appear as a credit card number except that the first four numbers are usually 6015 (e.g. 6015XXXXXXXX1234)

You can fund your FirePay account using your U.S. bank account. It is one of the most reliable ways to deposit money into your FirePay Account, and you also get faster access to withdrawn funds.
After funding your account via ACH or Bank Transfer, you register your account number as you would a credit card within the software of the casino and purchase as per normal off the banking page.

Note: Due to an increase in fees charged by financial institutions, FirePay is now required to pass on a deposit fee to members who make deposits into their FirePay personal accounts. As a result, deposits from a registered bank account are subject to a $1.50 deposit fee. For example, a member who deposits $100 will have a charge to their bank account of $101.50

Purchasing Casino Credits With FirePay:

firepayLog on to the Casino's software.
firepayClick on the "Banking" button in your navigation bar.
firepayA banking menu will appear, usually in the form of an ATM machine.
firepayYou'll be given a choice between "Purchase", "Cash-In", and "Reverse Cash-In",
firepay"Add Credit Card" or "Back".
firepayClick on "Add Credit Card" - a "Register New Credit Card" dialogue box will
firepay appear. You will be prompted to enter your personal details.
firepayEnter personal and relevant details and then click "Next".
firepayPlease Note: Complete the required fields with the EXACT same information used firepayto register your FirePay account - i.e. your name, billing address, e-mail address firepayetc. If you fail to do this, your transactions will not be processed successfully.
firepayUnder Credit Card Details - enter your FirePay 16-digit account number and the
firepayexpiry date of your account, then click "Next".
firepayIgnore the CVC2 Code (3 or 4 digit security code on back of credit cards) and
firepayclick "Next".
firepayFor Banking Institution Details - add FirePay and click "Finish".
firepayAfter a few moments you will receive the message "Your card has been
firepayregistered successfully at the Casino!"
firepayYour FirePay account will now appear as a registered card with a credit limit.
Please check your local laws before gambling online. Gambling online may be illegal in some states.
Participation in the activities and games are open to those who are of legal age within the jurisdiction
of their residency where the Game is not prohibited, taxed or regulated.

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