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Send money in seconds with PrePaidATM!

You can purchase without revealing your name, card number or personal information! Shop online without the worry of having to reveal your personal information to merchants. This card is so powerful - you are protected by 3 levels of security!!
PrePaidATMA security code - a 6 to 8 digit code that is used to log on to the website.
PrePaidATMAn account code - used along with the security code to log on to the website,
PrePaidATMtransfer funds, make online purchases, etc.
PrePaidATMA pin code - a four digit code used to authorize all internet transactions.

PrePaidATM is actually TWO cards!

There's the PrePaidATM Virtual Card:
PrePaidATMSend money to anyone, anywhere in the United States in seconds!
PrePaidATMPurchase products and services online without revealing your card number or
PrePaidATMpersonal information!
PrePaidATMThis Card is so powerful you are protected by 3 levels of security!!

Then there's the PrePaidATM Physical card:
PrePaidATMThe only ATM Card which is not tied to a bank account!
PrePaidATMUse your card at thousands of retail locations nationwide or wherever debit cards PrePaidATMare accepted!
PrePaidATMReceive funds at thousands of ATM machines worldwide!

Sign up for your PrePaidATM card NOW! Here's how:

Go to
Click on "Get It".
Fill in all required fields. Once completed click on "Next".
Fill in the fields and click on "Next" again.
Verify that the information you have supplied is correct, click on "Next".
Complete security codes and PIN (Presonal Identification Number) Click "Submit".
This last page shows the PrePaid ATM account number.

There are several ways to fund your PrePaidATM card. Rather than listing them all here, please visit their "Fund It" page for details.

Purchasing Casino Credits With PrePaidATM:

PrePaidATMGo to the Casino sites banking page.
PrePaidATMSelect "Purchase"
PrePaidATMClick on "PrePaid ATM"
PrePaidATMEnter your Casino account number and Casino password.
PrePaidATMChoose purchase amount and click "Purchase"
PrePaidATMEnter your PrePaid ATM account code and security code.
PrePaidATMEnter Sender PIN (Presonal Identification Number) and click "Next"
PrePaidATMClick "Finish" on Transfer Confirmation screen if all the information is correct.
You will then be given the option to print a summary of the payment confirmation for your own records.
Please check your local laws before gambling online. Gambling online may be illegal in some states.
Participation in the activities and games are open to those who are of legal age within the jurisdiction
of their residency where the Game is not prohibited, taxed or regulated.

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